Follow these tips for quick recovery after hair transplant:

  1. This procedure takes about 8 hours; you need at least 3 days’ rest.
  2. Do not drive after surgery, you need a companion because of painkillers and anesthetics.
  3. Change the bandage every day
  4. Do not Lay on the pillow and use the pillows on the neck.
  5. You must be in a cool place so that the head does not sweat. Sweat can cause infection.
  6. Spray water very gently on the transplanted hair
  7. Do not wear a hat or a scarf
  8. Use medicines at the right time.
  9. Bathe as instructed
  10. The outcome is between 8 and 12 months, so be patient
  11. Keep your head greasy with bitter almond oil
  12. After two weeks you can take a bath

Notice: At the moment we have the best hair transplant method, it call’s SUT.

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