What should I expect from medical trip to Iran?

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

A lot of people are concerned about their conditions in Iran before deciding to do a surgery or receive a medical treatment. We address some questions and concern that medical tourist may have. Here we go!

Is Iran safe?

As apposed of what you hear or see in media, Iran is totally safe. If you decide to come to Iran for a treatment, you will receive your treatment in major cities which are totally safe and has low crime rate. When I am writing this article we are still heartbroken and shocked because of Ukrainian airline accident but airlines like Turkish, Emirates, and Qatar are resuming their flights to Iran. Conflicts between USA and Iran are lower and it seems both sides have calmed down a little bit. So we believe that Iran will be a safe destination for travelers in 2020.

Are Iranian doctors experienced?

The answer is yes! Iranian doctors are among the most experienced doctors worldwide and Iran has a good health infrastructure. According to statistics, Iran has one of highest record of plastic surgery and highest rate in nose job worldwide. People from other countries also receive medical services in Iran. In 2018, more than 600,000 patients from other countries traveled to Iran to receive services like nose job, hair transplant, breast implant, laser eye surgery and Etc.

Can I still receive medical services if I don’t know the language?

The answer is positive! We in Unimedline will provide you an interpreter in your desired language. Our interpreter will be waiting for you in the airport to pick you up and transfer you to hotel. He will be helping you to check into hotel. You would not be alone in clinic as well, our interpreter will help you in clinic until the treatment is done. Interpreter will be with you until the last minute and you will say goodbye to him at the airport when leaving country.

As a women should I wear burqa in Iran?

The answer to this question is a big no! As apposed of what you may see in movies, you don’t have to wear burqa. Iranian law states that woman must wear hijab at all times in public. This include a headscarf and a long and loose top. You can try both long skirt and pants.

With this legal restriction, women in Iran have a great fashion sense and you may be surprised by their style. So don’t worry and bring some nice dress when coming to Iran!

Iranian woman dress

Do I need visa to come to Iran? How can I get a visa?

Depending on your nationality, you may need to get visa or not. If you are citizen of following countries you don’t need a visa:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • Egypt
  • Georgia
  • Lebonon
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela
  • China

If you are not from these countries you can apply for a visa upon arrival. For this type of visa you should apply before coming electronically and bring needed documents to receive your visa.

Be aware that citizen from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, United Kingdom, and United States cannot get visa upon arrival and should get their visa in Iranian embassy or consulate or apply in advance from travel agency. We in Unimedline as well can do the all the paperwork for you and it is offered in our packages.

Citizens from United Kingdom, Canada and USA should apply at least 2 month in advance. They are also not allowed to travel alone and an official tour guide should be with them all time.

How is Iran’s weather?

Iran is a four season country and it’s very diverse. Depending on when you come to Iran and which city you visit, you will expect different weather. Tehran, the capital of Iran is hot in summers, and cold in fall and winter. Some cities in central part of country have more warm weather.

Is there any good hotel in Iran?

There are many hotels in different cities in Iran. Most hotels in Iran are well maintained and are built with western standards. There are modern, luxury hotel as well as boutique hotels in Iran. Unimedline offers you hotels ranged from 3 star to 5 star luxury hotel according to your budget and expectations.

Espinas Palace Hotel
Espinas Palace hotel, One of the most advanced hotels in Tehran

Do Internet and mobile phone work in Iran?

Iran has a good Infrastructure of internet and telecommunication. Many cell phone service providers have roaming contracts with Iranian providers and your phone will be available. Internet is also available with 3G and 4G technologies and many public places have free Wifi. However, using roaming service would cost you a lot. Unimedline gives you a SIM Card that you can use during your trip without any hassle. You will receive your SIM card in the airport after you land.

Another thing that you should consider, is that some websites are blocked in Iran. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as some messaging apps like Telegram are blocked in Iran. To solve this issue, you can install VPN applications on your phone and surf internet without hassle. It is also worth noting that google services like google search, Gmail, google maps as well as WhatsApp are available in Iran.

Can I use my credit card in Iran?

Sadly the answer to this question is no! Due to sanctions Iran is not connected to worldwide financial systems and credit cards like MasterCard or Visa are not accepted in Iran. It is also worth mentioning that logging into your bank website or internet bank from Iran can make some trouble for you. To pay for goods and service in Iran, most tourist use cash but it is not a good option because carrying large amount of cash is not convenient. To solve this issue, Unimedline gives you an Iranian debit card with your name on it and it is accepted at every POS and ATM. You will receive your debit card at the airport when you arrive and you can charge your card with cash at arrival.

Does Iran have any tourist attraction?

Well, the answer to this question needs a separate blog post, but we try to make it short. Depending your travel duration, your preferences and city you receive your treatment, you can visit historical, natural and urban attractions. Iran with a 7000 years of history has a vast collection of historical sites you can visit.

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque
Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Shiraz

Iran is a four season country and maybe only country that you can ski and visit desert within hours. Iran offers a varied and awe inspiring views for guests come to Iran. Major cities in Iran have good urban infrastructure and you can visit both modern and traditional part of cities in Iran.

Bagh Ferdows-Tehran
Bagh Ferdows-Tehran

Depending on your medical condition and your length of stay. Unimedline offers sightseeing tours in the city to show you real daily life of people and also attractions. You can even try tours if you choose to stay in Iran more than what we recommend you and offer in our packages.

To sum up!

As you see we tried to address your concerns about doing a surgery in Iran. We in Unimedline try our best to handle all aspect of your travel and make it as smooth as possible. For more information about our packages and offers you can visit our website or you can contacts us via email or WhatsApp to receive our free consultation.

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